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The WellBuilt City Fund was created as a way for all of us to invest in our shared vision of cities that work for everybody. The fund will be issuing grants to enterprises and initiatives that meet needs, build bridges, and are working to make our city whole. While The Well Incorporated is the primary 501c3 public charity where grants will be issued, we are also keeping an eye out and open to applications for other orgs that are also building neighborly ecosystems that create access to food, transportation, housing, public safely, etc. We have all hear the old adage "give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" but after more than a decade doing the work, The Well has realized that it doesn't matter if you teach people to fish when they do not have access to the pond. Access matters and the Well is working to build onramps to the city's resources, it's economy, and it's opportunities. The Well Incorporated is a non-profit holding company in Tampa Florida that is establishing an ecosystem of initiatives engaged in social enterprises and works of mercy that are aimed at doing just that.

Funds will be used to incubate snew initiatives and support existing enterprises such as WellBuilt Bikes, The Eden Project, and The Humanize Network, all owned and operated by the parent 501C3. Please join us as we invest together and take responsibility for the condition of our own cities.

Learn more at www.WellBuilt.City

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