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The Institute of Contemporary Art San Francisco (ICA SF), a free, non-collecting contemporary art museum. As a new institution we have the unusual opportunity to start from scratch, unburdened by the weight of tradition and the challenges that are often inherent in trying to make change. The ICA SF can thus lead, right out of the gate, with some necessary art world values: prioritizing individuals over institutions and modeling equity and expansion in the artistic canon. We embrace the mindset of experimenting in public, operating transparently, and pivoting when necessary. As a result, the ICA SF may always in a sense be “under construction.”

Through exhibitions, programs, performances, and social opportunities, the ICA SF seeks to broaden the possibilities for civic and creative engagement within the Bay Area’s museum ecosystem and to enable artists to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas, and take risks—just as we have and will continue to do in operating this new museum in the city of San Francisco.

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901 Minnesota St San Francisco, CA 94107-3011
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