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We women is a foundation that strives to achieve equality for various groups of people in the world. The foundation assists women, refugees, ethnic minorities, and disadvantaged groups with their questions, struggles and needs, as they are formulated within their own terms. Academic research is the first step in this process because it helps to gain insight into local beliefs, practices and ambitions. The key areas of We women's engagement include personal growth, social inclusion, (mental) health, education, and the encouragement of creative initiatives, with the ultimate goal of achieving equality for all. The We women foundation has been based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, since 2010, where we have been developing and implementing the We women from Burma Project. This project promotes the education and well-being of unrecognized refugee women from Burma. The Foundation targets women whose passions, goals and motivations implicate them as future leaders of Burma. We women provides a much needed service to women from Burma by offering them the opportunity to succeed in higher education. Each year the We women foundation supports a select number of qualified women as they prepare themselves for leadership in their country and communities. We women assists students as they prepare themselves for university by advising them during the application process and throughout their job search. During each woman's period of study, the We women foundation provides scholarship funding for their university tuition, as well as academic tutoring and coaching. In order to provide long-term support, We women assists its alumni in their search for positions as they enter the professional world. The long-term aim of the We women from Burma project is to assist unrecognized refugee women into obtaining higher positions within policy making or influential organizations so that they then can empower other women and their communities, on their own terms.In order to realise our long-term objective, the We women foundation intends to make higher education accessible for the future female leaders of Burma. In addition, we assist them where possible in the process of professional development. To this end we have developed a number of short-term goals: To ensure prospective students have the necessary qualifications and documentation to be admitted to a university of their choice, so they can make well informed and realistic decisions about their future education. To grant scholarships to the most promising students, so they can successfully enroll at the university of their choice and not experience financial restraints while completing their degrees. To support and coach students during their studies at university, so they can successfully complete their degree and gain all the theoretical knowledge they need for their future careers. To create opportunities for students to gain practical working experience in an internship setting, so they can put their education and theoretical knowledge into practice, build their credentials and further develop practical expertise. To assist alumni in obtaining key positions in policy making and influential organizations. To research community needs in order to improve existing programs and create new programs with research results. To provide a gender program that addresses gender issues in the community in order to promote gender equality and create a platform for women leaders. These goals are collectively addressed by our programs, which jointly make up the We women from Burma project.

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