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Callisto works to empower survivors of sexual violence to navigate inequitable systems with our propriatary Callisto Vault technology. Callisto Vault offers two unique resources:

Our Matching System is the first and only tool that utilizes cryptography to provide a private alternative to a whisper network to ascertain if other survivors were harmed by the same perpetrator. Once the system identifies a serial offender, each survivor is connected with a Legal Options Counselor, a third-party attorney who will explain their options and facilitate coordinated action, while protecting survivor privacy.

Our Encrypted Record Form allows a survivor to document what happened as they decide what steps, if any, they might like to take next. Using this tool can assist survivors in processing through trauma and can serve as a reference to share what happened with an attorney, law enforcement, therapist, friend, or university (now or in the future).

Callisto seeks to remove barriers for survivors to take action on their own terms, and increases the likelihood that repeat offenders will be detected and held accountable. We are striving to create more balance in an inequitable system.


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