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Friends of the Environment, Inc. is a non profit organization that supports the work of community organizations in Abaco, The Bahamas, with a focus on education, conservation, and research facilitation. The work that Friends of the Environment, Inc. supports includes partnering with all public and private schools in Abaco, which has resulted over 23,000 environmental education experiences provided for local youths, with emphasis on coral reefs, mangroves, pine forests, Bahamian biodiversity and climate change. Our support has also facilitated the restoration of 180 acres of mangrove wetland, the removal of over 10,000 invasive lionfish from waters around Abaco, and ongoing outreach and awareness of sustainable fishing practices and protected areas (marine and terrestrial). In response to Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 we recognize the need for support in the many areas of environmental recovery, restoration and rebuild efforts.

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Natural Resource Conservation and Protection
301 West Atlantic Avenue Suite 0-5 Delray Beach, FL 33444
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