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Education For All (EFA) believes that education a basic human right, and that educated girls educate the next generation. EFA focuses on girls from rural, remote areas of Morocco's High Atlas region who are missing out on secondary education due to living too far away from schools and being too poor to afford transport.

EFA was founded in 2007 to respond to the high levels of illiteracy (estimated at 70%) amongst girls in the most deprived and remote areas of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Instead of going to school, girls were staying home, doing domestic chores, marrying young and remaining in the cycle of poverty with limited choices in life.

The 3 main obstacles for girls in rural Morocco to access school are

Their villages are too far away from the secondary schools
Their families are too poor to afford the travel costs
There is low awareness of and value for educating girls

EFA builds and runs safe and well equipped girls' boarding houses. We currently accommodate 250 girls in 6 houses, from the ages of 12-18 yrs.

The EFA houses are a 'home away from home'. They are staffed by local women which helps to create an environment where their culture is respected and trust is built with the local community. They have 3 nutritious meals a day, hot showers, computer rooms and plenty of books and learning support. We also run an international volunteer programme to support the girls in their studies and activities which broaden their horizons.

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It only costs $3 a day to educate a girl for a whole year! OR $85 per month or $1000 per year.

The short-term impact of EFA's work is that many girls now have the opportunity to go to school who otherwise would be at home. Since 2007 we have given access to a full secondary education for 370 girls. These girls are now young women want to become lawyers, scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs! We now have over 130 girls enrolled at University since 2013, with two now studying their Master's Degrees, 3 on full university scholarships and one who just graduated to become a Biology teacher.

The longer-term impact is that these young women will be able to become financially independent, contribute to the workforce and economy and have more choice and voice in their families and society, ensuring progressive equality for future generations.

They have also inspired a positive shift in attitudes in their communities towards educating girls, and are strong role models to their sisters and friends, demonstrating what is possible for them and how to realise their potential through education.

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