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Vusumnotfo is a Swazi Not-for-Profit organization whose formation was authorized by community leaders in northern Eswatini following the 1991/92 drought. These leaders identified "dependency" as the underlying factor limiting sustainable development at community level. They attributed the deep roots of "dependency" to be interwoven issues specific to Eswatini and the region. To reverse this negative cycle of "dependency" in ways relevant to their communities, they formed Vusumnotfo . Accordingly our strategy reflects Eswatini's many proverbs that the betterment of the future is through the child - "Umntfwana ngumliba loya embili".

Our rationale is based on a large body of international research, also reflected in this traditional wisdom. During the period between prenatal through the first nine years, a child develops the physical, emotional, language, communication, cognitive, social, and value structures that lay the foundation for their lifetime.

In these early years, a child naturally depend on adults to nurture their development and learning needs (dependency stage). If adults are not able to do so, a child's development and learning falls behind. Consequently, this child will have limitations to overcome, some of which are insurmountable, setting up a negative cycle of dependency.

Conversely, a child who achieves early developmental milestones and learning standards has the fundamentals for attaining the skills to meet their own needs as adults (independency stage) and, thereafter, to nurture the needs of the next generation (inter-dependency stage).

Our goal is to strengthen skills at family and community level in practices that support the development and learning of young children, as a strategy to build human capacity. Overtime, building human capacity results in families able and willing to nurture the next generation, and communities able and willing to improve environmental, social and economic challenges, setting up a positive cycle of sustainable development. Thus "parenting" contributes to the wellbeing of this generation, and nurtures the next generation; hence - Parenting for a Sustainable Future.™

VUSUMNOTFO - Parenting for a Sustainable Future™

Our Aim - To strengthen skills at family and community level, in practices that advance child development and learning, in 17 Swazi communities

Our Motto - Do what you can, with what you have, now

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