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Damas de Caridad de San Vicente de Paul

DAC's Mission is to: protect children that have been abused and abandoned by their family; provide quality education to the needy, and take care of poor elderly women.

Our Foundation has built and supports:

Hogar San Jose: 35 girls between 4 and 17 live permanently at the home. They have been taken away from their families by a judge because they were victims of sexual abuse, abandonment of violence. We are their "Home away from home". A team of 20 care takers, 2 psychologists , 1 social worker, and 1 teacher assists them every day. More than 30 volunteers help them in their daily choresand with their school work and transportation. We all aim to help them recover their self esteem

Hogar Santa Ana: 51 elderly ladies, mostly without family, live in our home. They each have a private bedroom, there is one bathroom every 4 bedrooms, and we provide them with breakfast, lunch and dinner. They only pay a symbolic amount. They can get involved in any of the workshops that take place at the home, such as choir, history, literature etc.

Our Schools: We have 6 schools with more that 2400 pupils that can have access to bilingual quality education, with extended care so that the parents can drop them off prior to going to work and pick them up when they finish. We feed them, and educate them, completing the official curricula as well as 2nd language (english), sports, computer science. Two of the schools have an integration program and 20 % of their students are special needs students.

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