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Teach For Bulgaria/Zaedno v chas

Teach For Bulgaria is part of the international Teach For All network, consisting of 43 non-profit organisations with a shared vision of expanding educational opportunity in their countries. The mission of Teach For Bulgaria is to encourage and prepare capable and ambitious young people to become inspiring teachers and leaders in order to facilitate the access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria. Our goal is for every child in Bulgaria to receive a quality education, regardless of region, type of school, or socio-economic situation. Every child in the country should learn from teachers who support their students and help them unleash their full potential. So far since its establishment Teach For Bulgaria has placed more than 160 teachers, reaching more than 10000 students. Currently, 165 motivating teachers are working with 8000 students in 10 regions in Bulgaria.

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111 V Tsarigradsko shose blvd
Sofia , Bulgaria 1784
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