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The mission of Streetaware Association is to develop social solidarity and responsibility.
Streetaware's objectives are:
1. Social and economic development of the local, regional and national community;
2. Developing organizations through training sessions and motivational activities for personnel;
3. Involving the business environment in improving the quality of life in communities they are part of and where they do their activity;
4. Providing counseling for public and private institutions in the field of human resources, talent and organizational development, management, projects' elaboration and implementation, professional ethics, social responsibility etc.;
5. Initiating and developing programs in the field of social protection and economic development meant to support communities in achieving the objectives set in the social and economic development strategies;
6. Developing the human resources in Romania;
7. Developing social and communitarian services;
8. Promoting democratic values, individual rights and freedom, ethnic and cultural diversity, social justice and equal chances;
9. Initiating, promoting, and implementing measures to protect human rights, according to the national and international laws;
10. Initiating, promoting and implementing measures to promote children's rights, according to the national and international laws;
11. Initiating, promoting and implementing measures to protect special rights for women, according to the national and international laws;
12. Research, lobby and advocacy activities in the field of human rights, children's special rights, women's special rights, rights of persons in disadvantage situation, eradication of discrimination;
13. Developing collaboration between institutions to protect human rights;
14. Assisting and protecting the interests of persons in need;
15. Increasing awareness on psychological, social and juridical phenomena;
16. Promoting and developing scientific cooperation in social and human sciences;
17. Promoting sustainable development;
18. Initiating, promoting and implementing measures of sustainable development;
19. Developing programs in the purpose of increasing the degree of responsibility towards environmental problems;
20. Training activities and activities of developing in arts, culture, and history;
21. Supporting activities of the formal and non-formal education;
22. Providing information and counseling services;
23. Providing mediation services on the domestic and international labor market.
24. Providing training services for different categories of professionals: teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, specialists in the social, psychological and educational field, specialists in the judicial and economical field etc.;
25. Providing consultancy services in business;
26. Providing consultancy for start-ups;
27. Providing mentoring and coaching;
28. Developing personal and professional competences for different categories of professionals.

Sponsored Projects


Community Improvement & Capacity Building
Nicolae Iorga Boulevard, No. 51C, 3rd floor
Iasi 700213
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