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Main mission: contributing to the development of civil society, economic, political, and social reforms in Ukraine, influencing the formation of policies, protecting rights and freedoms, improving the quality of human life, in particular women, children, and youth, by combining the efforts of the community and the state.

Work during the war:
Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of rusia, our organization was one of the first in the city to create a «Volunteer Headquarters», on the basis of which we began to provide humanitarian aid to IDPs arriving in Odesa (more than 140,000 IDPs were registered in Odesa region at the end of February). We are constantly engaged in attracting partners and donors to our activities, and in March 2022, with

We opened the "IDP HUB: First Aid", on the basis of which we provide MHPSS support and humanitarian aid, case management services and accompany to medical institutions, state structures, etc. 2 teams consisting of psychologists, social workers, and medical workers visits far away regions and provides psychosocial, medical, and humanitarian assistance on the basis of two organization's mobile ambulance vehicles.

In 2022, with the financial and technical support of International Funds and Organizations, FHL implemented 42 Projects.

We continuously and systematically monitor needs to provide our beneficiaries with the care and services they really need. We provide services to beneficiaries not only in Odesa region, but in other regions, such as Mykolaiv and Kherson.
With the onset of a full-scale war, the Directions of FHL have only increased, as we continue the implementation of all projects and directions that were started before the war, and launched the work in new ones related to the provision of psychosocial, medical, and humanitarian support for IDPs.

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