Faraja Cancer Support Trust

Faraja Cancer Support Trust (Faraja) was founded in 2010. It's mission is to provide emotional, practical and physical support to anyone affected by cancer in Kenya. We also have a remit to raise cancer awareness throughout the country, where cancer is still seen as a death sentence. Since it's inception Faraja has provided a safe haven and given hope to thousands of adults and children who are living with cancer. We are growing rapidly, but are just scratching the surface in terms of the need. With only 8 oncologists in the entire country and 3 treatment hospitals (in a country of 42 million) there are huge barriers at every level to people surviving the disease. We achieve our mission in many different ways; including counselling, complementary therapies, support groups, and a host of activities including yoga, dancing and mediation. We also run art therapy classes in the children's oncology ward, provide financial assistance to people who simply can't afford life-saving treatment and organise awareness raising events. The mission and work of Faraja Cancer Support Trust is unique and ground breaking in Kenya.