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Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led, community-driven change. We listen to young people, our work is led by young people and together, we help young people make lasting change in their communities and countries. With access to our resources, young leaders, along with others in their communities, create sustainable positive change. Annually we manage about 60 programs across our 10 hubs, led by 7,000-10,000 young volunteer leaders reaching 400,000 other young people on a weekly basis, and unleashing 28,000 young grassroots change-makers per quarter. We are living in a time of peak youth - half the world is under 30. Imagine what issues can be tackled by supporting and investing in the new perspectives, courage, and energy of young people.


EIN 04-3561445
International Development, Relief Services
Workville NYC, 1412 Broadway Fl 21V NY
New York, NY 10018
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