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Protect and Support 500 Kids with Disabilities

The project aims to provide care and support to 500 children with physical or mental disabilities living in extreme poverty or neglect in the rural villages of Mangochi district, Malawi. Here, through free physiotherapy sessions, food support against malnutrition, medical support for therapies and surgeries, the volunteers of the Tiyende Pamodzi Group dedicate themselves to identifying, visiting and monitoring the children on a weekly basis as well as training for the families.

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ALEIMAR - Voluntary Organization

Aleimar is a volunteer organization that supports minors in difficult situations with no regard for differences in religion, race and culture.
Our mission "Together with the children of the world" encompasses and describes our goal: to support children's health, nutrition, education and sociality, fostering the right environment for their human, social and cultural development.

In 30 years of activity, Aleimar has helped more than 10.000 children/families, has built more than 100 foster homes, orphanages, schools, water wells and installed 200 solar light equipment.

The main areas of our development projects are:

1. Child Protection
We support children in families, both adoptive and natural, in family homes and accommodation centers. Our goal is to guarantee the rights to a home, to play and to education and identity.

2. Health and Nutrition
We favor prevention and education campaigns and we are active with targeted interventions such as vaccinations and medicine distribution to curtail deadly diseases such as HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, etc. We also support nutrition and medical centers for undernourished children. We finance services for the promotion of the fundamental hygiene practices and correct nutrition habits, with the end goal of defeating malnutrition and infant mortality.

3. Education and Training
We operate to guarantee an adequate education to children from underprivileged families or children with disabilities by building, managing or co-sponsoring schools. We support the continuation of the studies of deserving students through scholarships for universities and professional studies.

4. Women's Empowerment
We support projects for the training and education of women, to encourage work as a tool for social acceptance and financial independence.

5. Environment and Development
We promote farming and breeding activities, which include production coops, micro-loans for entrepreneurial start-ups and projects for the improvement of the environment in which families and communities live. The end goal is to set these supported communities on the path for self-sustainability. We support the installation of photovoltaic panels for the generation of electric energy.

The Group comprises Aleimar for overseas project; Tuendelee for Italian projects and Prema, a cooperative for mentally disabled youth. The Group hires five people and relays on the voluntary service of 140 people. Its annual turnover is abt.1,2 million euro and overhead cost is less than 10%. Its balance sheet is checked and approved by internal auditors.

Aleimar is committed to managing the donated funds efficiently, reporting to all donors, institutional and private alike, according to the guidelines of the Italian Donation Institute (Istituto Italiano della Donazione - IID). The Financial Statements are public and can be viewed at any time.