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Following our personal life story we decided to take our pain and direct it to help others.

In 2020 our sister and daughter Hagar passed away after struggling with eating disorders from childhood. Unfortunately, she did not survive the disease and fell into a 15-year coma after attempting suicide at the age of 18.

With her art we created a new community called EyeSeeYou to raise awareness and hoping to stop the growing epidemic in eating disorders.

Through EyeSeeYou project, its community and professional teams, we aspire to help as many people struggling with eating disorders, their families, friends and loved ones emotionally and financially as possible. 33.33% of all EyeSeeYou NFT project proceeds will be donated in Hagar’s name to support the eating disorder treatment and charities below:

- National Alliance for Eating Disorders
- Eating Disorders Resource Center
- Dancing With ED
- Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance
- National Eating Disorders Association
- Renewed Eating Disorders Support
- F.E.A.S.T.

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