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Cuddle.Me emphasis on the company’s charity culture is fundamentally based on public transparency from the very beginning. None of us is paid from the charitable donations, nor ever will be — for once — we are completely income independent regardless of the sponsorship or its absence, and secondly — for the same reason we do not need to present artificially created costs and non-existing expenses, overpriced services, or any sort of similar nonsense. What we get, we deliver. Not that we deliver what we get minus what we took. We have created this fund to extend our activities spanning from animal charity to spontaneous donations for the refugees of war-torn Ukraine, as well as the organized purchase of important medical supplies for the biggest psychiatric hospital for children and youth in Kyiv. We also try to ease up the life of young oncological patients, in humble cooperation with the local Pink Bubble Foundation, a well-known charity with a huge amount of work behind and with a positive impact over here. Co-funding their events, or “make a wish” activities organized for terminally ill patients.

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