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Swiss Re Foundation

Against the background of rapid environmental change, the mission of the Foundation shall be to mitigate social and humanitarian problems worldwide and make societies more resilient in facing them. The Foundation shall support efforts to redress social, economic and ecological imbalances, caused inter alia by macro-developments such as natural disaster, climate change, population growth or pandemic. With a view to contributing to sustainable social development, the Foundation may support projects, institutions or organizations engaged in the fields of education and training, research and innovation, development aid and the promotion of social responsibility and social and political discussion. The Foundation may act on a supra-regional or local scale to prevent risks, adapt to changed risk situations and tackle the consequences of disasters. It shall support voluntary work and other activities of social and societal relevance. The Foundation shall have no political or religious allegiance, pursue no commercial purpose and seek no profit.


Mythenquai 50
Zurich, Zurich 8002
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