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Asian Ministry

Asian Ministry's Mission is to serve mainly to Love God above all and to Love our Neighbors through the following guiding principles: a. Evangelization: To evangelize the word of God through our music b.Stewardship: To share our time, talent and resources are what makes Asian Ministry so special. We sing, we help, we volunteer, we give, we receive, and we express our gratitude…all for the glory of God c. Sharing Our Tradition: To honor our diversity by sharing our Asian cultural tradition and heritage to the enrichment of our parish community d. Love and Respect in our Family: Asian Ministry is a family. We pray, we share our faith, we go on a pilgrimage, we listen, we understand, we forgive, we hope, we celebrate life, and most importantly, we love and respect one another as a family.


EIN 83-0531877
Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C.
P.O. Box 1183
Streamwood , IL 60107
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