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Save the Children Association Iasi

Save the Children Iasi is a nongovernmental organization, democratic, independent, non-profit, politically and religiously unconditioned, created in 1991, member of the International Save the Children Alliance. Ever since its beginnings it adhered to the childrenas rights protection movement in Romania, according to the United Nationsa Convention on Childrenas Rights.
Our vision, in a general understanding, is to create a world where all the rights of children are respected. Save the Children acts for a world:
- where every child is appreciated and respected;
- that listens and learns from the children;
- where every child has hopes and perspectives;
- where every child is protected against any kind of violence, abuse and exploitation.
Mission: Save the Children Association Iasi acts for respect for childrenas rights and for modifying the politics and legislation in childrenas benefit, by organizing awareness campaigns and by supporting children in need. We acknowledge and emphasize the responsibilities of the parents, legal guardians, teachers and other authorities that act in childrenas interest. We support the parents and the specialists working with children to fulfill their obligations.
Save the Children Association Iasi, through the programs it implemented, developed expertise related to the following categories of children:
- physically, sexually and psychologically abused children;
- trafficked children;
- economically exploited children;
- children alone at home (that have at least one parent abroad, working);
- children that had their legal rights trespassed;
- children affected by poverty;
- children that abandoned school or are in risk of dropping out school.
Also, beneficiaries of our programs are:
- parents and relatives of the children or the persons that take care of them;
- specialists (psychologists, medics, social workers, teachers. policemen, judges, prosecutors, etc.);
- institutions and NGOs that work in the field of child protection.
The main activities consist in:
- promoting childrenas rights in society, in general, and in institutions with attributions in childrenas education and protection;
- psychological, social and emotional counseling for the beneficiaries of the organization, parents and children;
- school integration and/or reintegration for children in need;
- guidance for children and their families to specialized public services (in areas such as education, health, public administration, etc.);
- complex social assistance services (guidance and accompaniment in making the ID papers for children and adults that do not have such papers, social inquiries at the request of public institutions, material support, etc.);
- street educational and social activities in disadvantaged communities;
- school recovery activities in a day care centre, play and socialization activities;
- counseling for abused children;
- professional development and informing activities for specialists involved in child protection (magistrates, policemen, social workers, psychologists, teachers, probation counselors, etc.).

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