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The Earthchild Institute is programmatic hub dedicated to the ‘children and environment’ of our world. This broad scope is based on the premise that any action taken to protect and restore the environment will benefit today’s children and future generations… and that children and young people who recognize the interconnectedness of all things and feel empowered in their own ability to think and act in harmony with the Earth will benefit the environment. A win-win scenario… empowering today for a sustainable tomorrow. It is a ‘hub’ because we build bridges and bonds between and across sectors, structures, countries, programmes, projects and levels of awareness toward the inclusion and empowerment of today’s children and young people. Whether you are a Government minister seeking to ensure that the rights, needs and capabilities of children( are reflected in your National Adapation Plan for Action (NAPA) to address climate change( ; a UN agency seeking to support the participation of children( in an intergovernmental event or process; a private sector organization seeking a win-win scenario for corporate social responsibility( people and the influential adults in their lives (including policymakers, teachers, youth leaders, parents, medical professionals, etc) to get involved on many different levels of awareness, advocacy and action to address the global challenges of water scarcity, energy security, climate change and environmental degradation. Although global in magnitude, these challenges are largely experienced at community-levels, where children, young people and their families live.


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