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At Nuup, we believe that agriculture can be a force for positive change. That's why we devise, incubate, and accompany agriculture and trade projects and initiatives that reimagine and transform the agri-food system.
In Mexico, 17 million people live in poverty in rural areas, and most depend on small-scale agriculture for their food and income. To address this challenge, we focus on developing and scaling solutions for small-scale agriculture. By working with large companies, support organizations, investors, and cooperatives of small-scale producers throughout the country and in different value chains, we aim to change the relationships between producers, buyers, and other parties, establishing new information flows, tools, and incentives for the transition to new models of production and trade.
Our approach is based on four systemic intervention strategies:
1. Agronomic and regenerative solutions: We believe that it is possible for producers to generate greater prosperity while driving agroecosystem regeneration. To achieve this, we identify knowledge, experiences, and technology that are appropriate and appropriable for producers, and that in turn are scalable and useful for other key actors. We conduct pilots to evaluate innovative and disruptive practices and technologies with more sustainable production systems, and we scale up the adoption of validated practices and production systems through their dissemination, the implementation of incentives, and partnerships. Some of the innovative methodologies we incorporate include regenerative livestock farming, agroforestry systems, organic production techniques, and innovative technologies for monitoring and optimizing resources.

2. Fairer, more transparent, and direct value chains: We believe in fair trade based on dialogue, transparency, and respect. We promote trade models that generate opportunity and development for producers, new competitive supply channels for companies, and the opportunity to consume healthy and accessible products. To achieve this, we research and develop a deep understanding of the functioning and dynamics of agricultural value chains, design new linkage models and short value chains that generate value for all, advise both companies and producer organizations in the diagnosis, incubation, and scaling up of innovative supply or marketing schemes, and accompany new alliances between buyers, producer organizations, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and even consumers.

3. Digital and data tools: At Nuup, we are convinced that technology can change the rules of the game by bringing information closer to producers to strengthen their productive practices, facilitate decision-making, and better link with the value chain. To achieve this, we develop technology based on the needs of farmers and their organizations, using research, prototyping, and co-design methodologies that put the user's point of view at the center. We provide a range of mobile tools for producers to meet the needs of different types of production, such as strawberry, vegetables, or dairy farming. We also offer digital systems to strengthen, make more efficient, and competitive

4. We facilitate access to financing: To achieve the transformation we seek in small-scale agriculture, producers and their organizations need affordable financing adapted to their needs throughout their growth. Therefore, through partnerships with foundations, financial institutions, investors and other actors in the sector, we are working to develop a diversified offer of financial products that generate impact. These include non-refundable financial support (such as for bioeconomy projects) and loans, among others.


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