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Books and Bread for Kenya

Books and Bread for Kenya has been a registered non profit making charity since 2008. Our mission is to provide healthcare, promoting learning and alleviating poverty in Kenya.

Books and Bread for Kenya currently support two orphanages, a rescue centre for abused and neglected women and children, three Kenyan village communities and a hospital. Together with our trusted volunteers BBK works tirelessly to improve the basic conditions and empower many individuals.

Books and Bread for Kenya has built kitchens and supplied poly tunnels, seed and livestock so communities may nurture the land.

Basic and emergency healthcare has been provided from child birthing equipment to limb amputation and the removal of parasites in the feet of an entire village community.

Libraries have been filled with books, schools equipped with pens, pencils etc. and education paid for the poorest of children, from primary through to university graduates.