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Blue Dragon's mission is to provide exceptional care to Vietnamese children and families in crisis while creating long-term change for a better world.

Blue Dragon works according to the following values:
- Respect, not pity: The children we work with are treated with at least the same respect that we would treat our own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.
- Development, not charity: Our work is to help children develop fully as they grow, through providing a broad range of experiences and opportunities. Rather than simply provide a handout, we provide a hand up for those who choose to better their circumstances and themselves.
- Empowerment, not dependency: Our role is to provide opportunities for children to pursue as individuals, rather than to force our views or values on to the children.
- Collaboration, not control: Our staff work alongside the children and their families, so that the beneficiaries are involved in all stages of our programs, rather than simply being recipients of charity.
- Massive interventions, not quick-fix solutions: We tackle the problem of poverty from every angle, rather than focusing on one obvious cause or effect. Our interventions may take years, as we persist until we are successful.


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