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To ensure obtaining of knowledge, good manners and practical skills in the young people upon assuming responsibility and for making efficient and useful decisions in the different fields of public life which shall ensure benefit for their families and for the civil society.
To help hereby to create people with self-esteem, moral resistance and ethics.
To perform social activity by rendering support and humanitarian aid to:
- people in need who have suffered from natural and social disasters by providing food, clothes, transport, shelter, etc.
- unemployed people, young families, orphans, homeless people and mothers, incapacitated and socially weak people and invalids, people deprived of freedom and other categories of socially disadvantaged people.
- state and private institutions dealing with invalids.
- literacy activities
- organizing and holding courses for professional training and for acquiring qualification /in different types of specialties/.
To support individuals who have spent some time in social institutions: correctional institutions and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, prisons and orphanages for their realization in the civil society.


Human Services
20 Karnegi str.
Sofia, Sofia 1142
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