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Help displaced Batwa buy farmland to fight poverty

The objectives of starting up the Batwa Initiative are: -
(a) Transform the lives of Batwa people though training and building different skills for self-reliance.
(b) To promote education among the Batwa. Currently the majority of the Batwa are illiterate, our aim is to ensure that the Batwa have access to education and are able to read, write and to develop their English skills.
(c) To create and promote a peaceful community between the Batwa and the people of the Nkuringo- Bwindi Ugandan community.
(d) To educate the Batwa about environmental conservation and promoting the wildlife of the Bwindi forest to the benefit of the Batwa and the forest ecology.
(e) To buy more land to ensure food security and prosperity.

>Project goal
The project or Association goal is to help create a sustainable future for the Batwa.

> Mission
Our mission is to train indigenous Batwa pygmies, children, women in Agriculture, for food security, nutrition and other income generating activities for a sustainable living.
> Set targets.
(a) To start up poultry, piggery and a goat's project to enhance the Batwa people with food and incomes.
(b) To develop income generating and training opportunities to allow the Batwa to support their own families and strengthen the resources.
(c) To raise enough financial and material resources for the running costs of the project/association.

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Community Improvement & Capacity Building
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