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Nederlandse Cystic Fibrosis Stichting

The NCFS is a patient organization with hundreds of committed volunteers and incredibly dedicated fundraising, communications, and business professionals. We work closely with all CF centers on a national level. At an international level, we play a very active role in collaborations with CF Europe, the European research network ECFS-CTN, the European and worldwide CF Registry and in major European Horizon 2020 research projects. In consultation with our own supporters, the people involved, the choice is always made for the way in which we can do the most for the same supporters.
The work of the NCFS consists of six pillars:
1. Research
2. Quality of care
3. CF Registration
4. Advocacy
5. Information & communication
6. Peer contact


Health Care
Dr. A. Schweitzerweg
BAARN , Nederland 3744MG
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