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Health and Development Aid Abroad Australia Fund Inc.

To see medical, literacy, education, agricultural, water and sanitation programmes established in countries as needed using HADA as the aid organisation.

HADA works in partnership with communities throughout the world to provide compassion, relief, training and development.

The objects for which the association is established are -
To provide direct relief to people who are experiencing poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution and/or helplessness of such seriousness as would arouse pity or compassion in the community.
As a means of achieving this, the organisation will undertake the following activities:
2.1. To provide administrative and logistical support to new and existing projects.
2.2. To provide skills and training with the object of achieving autonomy for the projects.
2.3. To provide and support plans for the development of communities in ways which will improve their quality of life.
2.4. To do such other things of a social, community or benevolent nature as will assist in the creation of a better society.
2.5. To integrate all projects as part of the local community.


Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief
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