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Botshabelo is a 16-year-old NPO (est. 2000) passionate about transforming lives through excellent residential care and education in our three programmes: Babies Home, Preschool, and Teacher Training Programme.
1) Our Babies Home gives orphaned and abandoned babies a solid start to life by providing a healthy, safe, and stable environment in which they can grow and meet their milestones. We see up to 12 babies placed in Forever Familes through adoption each year.
2) Our Urban Kids Educentre (preschool) offers quality education at affordable fees (sponsorships available). Each year we educate up to 120 children from disadvantaged and emerging families with well-trained teachers, beautiful resources/spaces, well-designed curriculum, and appropriate class sizes.
3) Our UpliftED Training Programme (UpliftED) works with existing community forums and creches, empowering teachers and principals with skills and knowledge to lead their preschools well, providing educational resources for the classrooms, monitoring and evaluating their progress, and upgrading the schools' facilities through renovations. From places of despair and frustration, we uplift women into careers with honour and future opportunity.


64 Main Rd (R55)
Midrandfalse 1684
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