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Fundacion Bobath

The comprehensive treatment and education of people with cerebral palsy, throughout all stages of the affected person's life, so that they can lead a life as normalized as possible. For this, our project follows an interdisciplinary approach, based on the Bobath philosophy.

For the fulfillment of its mission, it will be able to develop all kinds of assistance, training and outreach activities, creating centers for the treatment and specialized education of cerebral paralyzed people, as well as for training in the Bobath Concept of the professionals who make up interdisciplinary teams that we advocate.

The purposes of the Foundation are:
a) The assistance and comprehensive treatment of people affected by cerebral palsy and damage, according to the BOBATH philosophy.
b) The educational and professional training of the disabled with cerebral palsy or damage from the school stage to the professional training for their labor insertion that allows the creation of jobs for them and, finally, their integration into the labor market.
e) The training of professionals who care for people with cerebral palsy or brain damage in the BOBATH Concept.
d) The promotion of research on cerebral palsy and brain damage.
) The protection and care of legally incapacitated persons, seeking the resources that allow them to live with a dignified quality of life and that make them full citizens.


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