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World Educare Network (WENET) is Not-for-profit Non-governmental Organization engaged with the underlying communities in Eastern & Northern Uganda. WENET is the Transformation Agency; Creating Empowered Communities that spontaneously participate in Education, practice basic Health, embraces Technology & Sports; sensitive to Equality, Environment & Climate!

Involved across Six rural Districts of Uganda since 2020, WENET is enhancing the sustainability of Education Quality by promoting ICT, multifunction Skills including Sports as empowerment tools; collaborating towards integrated community Health & Nutrition; inputs to Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; advocating for Environmental Health & Climate Action; Agriculture & rural Livelihood; community driven Empowerment of Child, Youth & Woman, And; Research activities for informed decision making!

WENET has a Team of 26 dedicated Staff & Volunteers, 25 of whom are Ugandans, 18 Youths, 8 Women and 9 teenage Youths!

WENET works in many thematic areas to ensure diversified comprehensive approaches to the target Mission; and we employ low-cost but high impact approaches, generate community-driven solutions to local challenges aligned to global Needs, and do take Affordable, Achievable & Sustainable transformative actions!