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Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO)

The one voice for every child in Public Education. To promote public understanding of the role of public education and of national education issues. 2.1.2 To advocate on national education issues. 2.1.3 To develop and promote national education policies and to devise strategies to achieve the goals implicit in that policy. 2.1.4 To monitor and provide information, analysis, research and reports on national education issues to affiliates and other appropriate organisations. 2.1.5 To represent parents of children in government schools and their school communities in all relevant forums. 2.1.6 To provide support for affiliates and a clearing house for affiliates to share information and experiences. 2.1.7 To work with other organisations on matters of mutual interest. 2.1.8 To represent ACSSO views on national issues to Government and to education and other related organisations. 2.1.9 To provide for ongoing development and regular review of ACSSO organisation and administration


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