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Based on love and compassion of Christianity, Heart to Heart Foundation serves children and families suffering from poverty, disabilities and diseases to empower them and to create "Inclusive Society" for all. Heart to Heart Foundation aims to create inclusive society for all by preventing avoidable disability and achieving social integration of the people with disability. In Korea, where the Foundation's headquarter is located, the foundation promotes capacity building for the people with disability through encouraging full social participation and increasing education opportunities tailored to their needs. At the same time, Heart to Heart Foundation is the leading organization in raising awareness about the abilities of people with development disabilities. Internationally, the Foundation is devoted to preventing avoidable blindness in the developing countries and increasing the sustainability of the comprehensive eye health system in those countries by increasing the capacity of the heath care and non-healthcare professionals in partnership with local governments and various civil society partners.
Activities for achieving the purpose of the Foundation as follows:
Domestically/Nationally - 1) project for supporting the medical expenses for achieving the purpose of the Foundation and supporting the self-reliance of the low-income group, 2) project for promoting child welfare, welfare for the disabled, and family welfare, 3) other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the Foundation
Internationally/Globally - 1) health and educational support projects for the poor, disabled and neglected children, 2) projects for the development and welfare promotion of the area to support, 3) education of volunteer, sponsors, and members, 4) PR activities and print production through various media, 5) other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the Foundation
In 1988, Heart-Heart Foundation took the first step as an organization to carry out professional social welfare projects to support children and their families marginalized and suffering from poverty, disability, and disease, and contribute to improving the quality of life.
Promoting local social welfare, the General Social Welfare Center was opened in September 1991, and for 10 years, various welfare programs were implemented to reflect the needs of children, youth, the disabled, and the elderly.
We developed a unique area of welfare service by actively reflecting the changing social environment and changes in the needs of the local community, expanding medical expenses support in areas requiring special attention in connection with national general hospitals, and the first orchestra with developmental disabilities and blindness in Korea. We started overseas support projects in 2006 to support health, nutrition, and education for the vulnerable not only in Korea but also in developing countries.
Since 2009, we have started eye health projects in underdeveloped countries, and as a regular member of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), we are able to develop a better future by improving their quality of life and providing various opportunities by carrying out various and integrated blindness prevention activities at home and abroad.
The development of the field of vocational rehabilitation through music activities for the developmentally disabled and the improvement education for the disabled in the participatory type presented new possibilities for the social integration of the developmentally disabled people and improved the expertise of overseas eye health projects through connection with international organizations. Projects are expanding to the disease eradication and water-related disease.


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