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Associacao Thutalinansu

Chapter I- Name, nature, headquarters and term

Art.1. The Thutalinansu organization is a private, non-profit legal entity, constituted as an organization of indigenous women Nambikwara Wakalitesu, for the promotion of social, cultural, political and economic well-being, hereinafter called Thutalinansu and will be governed by these Bylaws and legislation relevant.

Chapter II- Objectives and activities

Art. 4. The Thutalinansu organization is formed to defend the collective interests of the Nambikwara Wakalitesu people of TI Tirecatinga and their territorial and cultural rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and international conventions, with the following objectives:

I - Empower socially, politically and economically the indigenous women of TI Tirecatinga to manage their territories and projects for the future;
II - Mobilize the Nambikwara Wakalitesu people in defending their rights, participating and supporting the holding of local and regional meeting;
III - Contribute to the strengthening of the indigenous movement, participating whenever possible in meetings, gatherings and assemblies of other indigenous organizations;
IV - Organize and articulate indigenous women from TI Tirecatinga regardless of their ethnic origin;
V- Seek to guarantee the participation of the Nambikwara people in studies related to economic undertakings and in all decisions that affect the land and socio-environmental integrity of TI Tirecatinga;
VI - Monitor public institutions (FUNAI, IBAMA, SESAI, MPF, SECADI) in the fulfillment of their duties and duties towards indigenous peoples;
VII - Propose and participate in official meetings and public hearings, meetings and seminars that deal with matters of interest to indigenous peoples;

VIII - Support environmental protection and recovery actions in TI Tirecatinga according to the traditional knowledge and way of life of the Nambikwara Wakalitesu people;
IX - Guide and / or monitor the actions of governmental and non-governmental projects for the improvement of living conditions - social assistance, health, education and the environment - and appreciation of the Nambikwara Wakalitesu culture;
X - To value and strengthen the transmission of knowledge and practices Nambikwara Wakalitesu supporting traditional activities conducted by elders and elders;
XI - To value and recover Nambikwara Wakalitesu memory as the foundation of the history of its people;
XII - Recall, strengthen and reproduce the cultural practices of the Nambikwara Wakalitesu people;
XIII - Promote and disseminate the Nambikwara Wakalitesu culture in non-indigenous society;
XIV - Promote and subsidize the dialogue between young and old - For production reproduction of the Nambikwara Wakalitesu culture.


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