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WenakLabs defines itself as a space of co-creation and collective intelligence.

Our mission is to democratize the Internet and ICTs to a general public but also to constitute the missing added chains between the idea of creating a business and its establishment as a business with high added value.

The vision shared by the co-founders of WenakLabs is to constitute the missing link between the idea of creating a company and its establishment as a company with high added value. To do this, the following missions will be at the heart of the structure's activities:
Raising awareness among young people of entrepreneurial culture in all its forms by using innovative methods to help entrepreneurs develop their projects;
Sensitization of young people to the good uses of ICT, and contribute to the development of digital culture in Chad;
Contribution to the development of the digital economy in Chad
Creation of a network throughout the national territory;
Promotion of the circular economy and adaptation to climate change
Contribution to the economic development of Chad.


Community Improvement & Capacity Building
Avenue Maldom Bada
N'Djamena , N'Djamena 94045
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